Teutonia – Germany exits EU in new political thriller 



As the possibility of Britain exiting the European Union looms, David Crossland asks what would happen if Germany threatened to leave the EU. “Dexit” is the disturbing premise of the second political thriller from the Berlin-based author of the Kindle bestseller, The Jewish Candidate.


Peach Publishing is delighted to announce the print publication of Teutonia. Written by the former chief correspondent for Reuters in Germany, this is a gripping novel about an industrial magnate who enters a Faustian pact with the Kremlin to wrest Germany out of the EU. Bruno Haxlreuter, the Austrian leader of the ancient Teutonia fencing fraternity, is bent on reclaiming the eastern lands Germany was forced to cede after the Second World War.The velvet-voiced Wagner fanatic will stop at nothing to make his dream come true, including political assassinations and manipulating markets to plunge Europe into financial turmoil


Bloodied but unbeaten by their ordeal facing down neo-Nazis in The Jewish Candidate, the reporters Wolfgang Renner and Frank Carver return to battle hopeless odds as the billionaire and his cabal hack away at the rusting chains binding Germany to the West.


“Teutonia is set against the very real backdrop of an increasingly powerful Germany dominating a crumbling Europe. Brexit could sound the death knell of the EU and inflame the nationalism the European idea was meant to overcome after centuries of war. The chilling notion of Germany following suit is the setting of what I hope is an entertaining thriller with a message: don't forget history." - said Crossland, 49, born in Germany to British parents.


For a PDF version of Teutonia, please contact jrogers@sheilland.co.uk . Crossland can be reached for interviews in English or German on +49 1520 9469458 or by email at david.crossland@gmx.net


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