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My new book contains over 140 images of graffiti crafted by soldiers of the First World War in tunnels under the Western Front. The former limestone quarries used as shelters by all sides during the war are veritable art galleries that reveal the mindset of men going through extreme conflict. 


A lonely ship in a sea of darkness. Near the Chemin des Dames, France   

Pencil drawing by Private Joseph Tagg of Winnipeg in Bouzincourt, Somme Confrecourt, Aisne
Inscription by a US soldier in a quarry at Braye-en-Laonnois, Aisne.JPG

Portrait of a dandy 

An inscription in a quarry near the Chemin des Dames

Woodrow Wilson.jpg
Insignia of the Middlesex Regiment, the _Die Hards_, Bouzincourt, Somme.JPG

A portrait of Woodrow Wilson

Insignia of the "Die Hards" 


German and French inscriptions side by side, near the Chemin des Dames

Sculpture of French soldier in a tunnel at Confrecourt, Aisne department.JPG

A Poilu in the ancient fortress farm of Confrécourt

"France 1917 Letter Box" near Arras

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