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A modern, well appointed villa with private infinity pool in a stunning setting overlooking the Aegean Sea and Cretan mountains. A short drive from the charming town of Agios Nikolaos. Click here for practical information about the villa and its surrounding area including shops, restaurants and sightseeing tips. 

Our Current Favourite Restaurants/Bars in Agios

There are obviously loads more and there may well be far better ones, but we like these and keep going back to them (click on the names to take you to TripAdvisor reviews including location): 

Ofou to Lo Greek cuisine

La Strada Greek and Italian with terrace above lake

Roza    Greek cuisine, side street off main square  

Cafe du Lac bar in the Hotel du Lac fun bar, good music, with view of the lake

Alexandros roof cocktail bar  Great music, great          cocktails, great staff, great fun

Villa Poppy Updates and Weather

Don't miss:

Available to rent via Airbnb,, Vrbo 
Click below for a virtual tour: 

For those of you have stayed in Poppy, thank you and we hope you return. 

Sunrise from Villa Poppy

Come Back Soon!

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