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A modern, well appointed villa with private infinity pool in a stunning setting overlooking the Aegean Sea and Cretan mountains. A short drive from the charming town of Agios Nikolaos. Click here for practical information about the villa and its surrounding area including shops, restaurants and sightseeing tips. 

Spring 2024: Even higher ratings with a hugely satisfying 9.4 from Our young olive tree is thriving in the Cretan sun. Plus fine art, more glowing reviews and a destructive sparrow.

Yessss!!! Thanks in large part to Kym, our tirelessly efficient Welsh house manager who says she has a "fetish for cleanliness" and takes pride and pleasure in making sure our guests can enjoy their stay in Villa Poppy to the full, we have just been awarded 9.4 by 9.4! The official term for that is "Superb" and we are absolutely delighted at this accolade.. We are getting repeat bookings -- another good sign -- and will strive as ever to hit 10 in  2024. 


One of our guests presented us with this wonderful gift in 2023 -- an exquisite watercolour of the facade of Villa Poppy with our olive tree. We have had it framed and it now occupies pride of place in the villa, right by the door in the living room. The view from the terrace would inspire any artist but for Poppy to receive such attention is particularly gratifying. We treasure this artwork. iThank you very much indeed! 

Watercolour painting of Villa Poppy by Regine Schneider, valued guest in June 2023_.jpg

And here is the scene that inspired the artist. Kostas, our handsome young olive tree, is coming along well and even produced a crop -- almost enough for a snack to accompany one bottle of Mythos. We plan to plant more trees but will not be getting into the oil business just yet.  

Villa Poppy terrace 012.JPG

Glowing reviews have been rolling in. A common theme is praise for Kym and her team who keep everything spotless and working. But the view helps, of course. And the pool. And the terrace and comfortable rooms. And the proximity to some of the best beaches in Crete and the charming town of Agios Nikolaos, and the wild, romantic mountains and hilltop villages patrolled by cats. 

Villa Poppy sunrise-Edit.jpg

Greek Easter culminates on Sunday May 5 this year and it's spectacular. Agios Nikolaos, just a 10 minute drive from Poppy along the scenic coast road, celebrates the country's most important religious holiday with a procession and the burning of a dummy representing Judas who is placed on a raft and set ablaze on the lake of Agios Nikolaos., accompanied by a firework display. 

Greek Orthodox Easter procession in Agios Nikolaos, April 2023 254-Enhanced-NR.jpg

Unfortunately, these solar-powered fairy lights around our terrace pergola have been sabotaged by a sparrow who has pecked through the cable again so we are replacing them with more robust lights of the type that you can see along the railing in the background on the left. Admittedly, this development may not qualify as breaking news, especially not in these turbulent times. But it underlines our commitment to providing atmospheric lighting on those balmy Cretan summer nights. 

Villa Poppy terrace in evening.jpg

Our Current Favourite Restaurants/Bars in Agios

There are obviously loads more and there may well be far better ones, but we like these and keep going back to them (click on the names to take you to TripAdvisor reviews including location): 

To Potiraki Greek cuisine on the central square

Ofou to Lo Greek cuisine by the water

La Strada Greek and Italian with terrace above lake

Roza    Greek cuisine, side street off main square  

Cafe du Lac bar in the Hotel du Lac fun bar, good music, with view of the lake

Alexandros roof cocktail bar  Great music, great          cocktails, great staff, great fun

Villa Poppy Updates and Weather

Available to rent via Airbnb,, Vrbo 
Click below for a virtual tour: 

For those of you have stayed in Poppy, thank you and we hope you return. 

Sunrise from Villa Poppy

Come Back Soon!

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